Less paper.
More freedom.


We believe that our services bring real benefits to each partner or customer and we guarantee our ongoing attempt to offer a relationship taken to the level of excellence.

We take concerns about Document Management so that each of our partners has the freedom to focus only on the fulfillment of its objectives.

We think and act as follows:

• We focus on solutions, not on problems
• We think positive and we are results oriented
• We continuously innovate and evolve
• We help our partners offering added value in relation to each party
• We build strong interpersonal relationships based on respect, motivation, help
• Learn and adapt to new technologies
• We exceed the expectations of our partners offering in the same time stability and confidence

Document Management involves technology, means and methods in order to help specialized companies to generate, manage, store, search, send and scrap papers.

Document Management can be greatly simplified by outsourcing this kind of services. Thus, by an intelligent document management your company significantly reduce its costs and employees will be more efficient, more creative.

Docman offers personalized services for physical and electronic archiving, storage solutions and helps you to find the best solutions in order to answer all your document management needs.



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