Since I met you I was attracted by your optimism, so when I had the possibility to work with you I didn’t hesitate. I was told to come at work with pleasure, to have fun and enjoy every day, and so it was!


I like that, beyond professional skills, there are quality people, with special moral sense and with life experience. I like that we are not that kind of employee who is concerned just to do the job for which is paid without opening and interest beside colleagues, without motivation. I’m glad that I’m part of this team.


Is important to work in an environment without stress, with bosses that are friends to you, and team Docman have offered me all these and for this I want to thank them!


Thank you that you let me be part of this team! I’ve always wanted to have a big family. A family where everyone has something to learn from the other one and not only professional. It is a place where I think I found something that everybody is looking for, freedom of expression, the possibility to say what you think without being afraid.


I was welcomed in Docman team. I was glad that I could be part of a young and cheerful team. What I did not know was that team will become my family where I will spend most of time. I was told to have fun and to learn to love what I do.

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