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Is Archiving mandatory

According to Archives Law No. 16/1996 with amended and completion, physical archiving of documents is mandatory for each company; including for companies in liquidation. Keeping documents must be done safety.

  • Is forbidden to store documents in attics, lofts, technical basements or rooms flooded. 
  • Through archive storage is forbidden passing gas pipelines, pimples and chimney. Shelves, closets, racks etc. should be made by non-combustible materials.
  • Electrical installations from archive storage must be done in order to possible to be disconnected from outside the room. The lightings are placed on the axe of the corridor between shelves, at a distance of minimum 50 cm from the archive stored. Lightings with incandescent must be protected with protection globes.
  • Inside microclimate will remain as much as possible in the following limits: temperature between +15C and +25C and relative humidity between 40-65% for paper based archive.


How must keep documents?

Documents archived by IMM are mainly financial documents e.g.: invoices, notices, cash register, journal register, Big Book etc. with keeping term for 10 years; receipts, payment orders, input-output notes, account sheets etc. for a period of 5 years, roller house for 2 years and not at least payrolls for 50 years, personal documents for 75 years.
Another category is represented by personal files with a retention period of 70 years. Contracts with customers or suppliers and additional documents resulted from them represents another category of documents whose retention period is 10 years from the date of their ending. Also, should not be omitted acts of constitution, reorganization of companies that are preserved permanently.
In summary, there are permanent documents, documents with long term storage, documents with medium term storage and with short term storage.

Which is the cost?

From our experience, this is the key question for each client.
We say and prove that there is no cost, by contrary; you may earn money if you have a professional management system.
OK, but how much is it?
We don t avoid the answer and we offer the price in 48 hours from the moment of seeing current archive.
How do we do that?
We come to you, view the status of the archive, we establish together what are your needs, we help you to take the most effective decision and find together solutions regarding steps that must be followed.
This part is FREE and doesn t involve any cost or further obligation from your side!
Our offer is detailed on every step, you ll find prices per tab, per index, per user, per file or per box so that the choice will be simple in terms of budget.
Also we have the ability to adapt to the real possibilities of payment for each for each client; we negotiate every time in the style "both parties win".

How safe is it?

We know that your documents belong only to you and we respect this every time. We administrate their format and by contract we guarantee the confidence of information containing.

If you decide to outsource physical archive to us we offer a supplementary guarantee to the confidential clause of contract, more precisely the possibility of sealing the boxes of documents. If the boxes are required for consulting, this can be done at our warehouse in a secure room or can be brought to your location.

In the case of electronic archiving, our teams come with “empty” laptops without internet connection and scanned documents are returning in original format without being affected their condition.

Elo encrypt documents at 64 bytes, as compared, in banking system documents are encrypted at 16 bytes.

For accessing electronic archive you need username and password, the network administrator being able to decide which information can have access each user.

Where I store the electronic archive?

Once with the evolution of technology, there are many ways to store the information: internal (on your own server), data center, Cloud etc.
From our experience we propose you as the most efficient, more stable and secure solution to store information on your company server.
Thus you have absolute control over the archive and the cost of investment is minimal.
We offer you back -up on external HD and on demand, maintenance as long as you consider necessary.

How to use Elo?

Elo is a software with a very friendly interface and from experience you can use it ant an acceptable level in about 2 hours; you don t need special training courses, courses that usually come with supplementary costs pretty consistent.
After installation, our colleagues help new users offering support on the spot or online for the first week after installation and this is for free.
We recommend you to ask us the demo version for the software.

Where take place the archiving?

We recommend that physical or electronic archive to take place at client s place because there are eliminated extra costs for transport and handling.
The space necessary for activity is not more than 10 square meters and we need only a power supply.
We can process documents to our office very safely.

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