Electronic archiving

Electronic archiving is a natural process and absolutely necessary in nowadays business environment.

One of the major problems faced by companies is related to the very short time they have to act because of the need to adapt to changes that happen very dynamic.

Electronic archiving involves activities and processes in which documents in physical format are translated into electronic format by going through the following steps.

Establish database structure - the physical archiving is evaluated in order to define database structure and also the rules for scanning and indexing the documents.

Scan - the pictures from original documents are taking over using specialized scanning equipment.

Indexing - allows future retrieval of documents in a quick and easy way.

Creating workflows - workflow is a sequence of tasks in an organization in order to obtain a good result, using an implementation on a computer system. Thus, the workflow represents modeling and management of workload and also of people involved in a work process. For obtaining a description of a workflow is necessary to do analysis from the top to the bottom of organization. It examines organization chart and procedures to understand and define organizational goals; for achieving them is proposed to carry out a series of actions. These actions involve running multiple activities or tasks and also cooperation of several members of the organization. Here comes workflow: coordination of people, the activities in which they are involved and the processes that form these activities, everything for meeting these objectives of the organization. Thus we obtain the components of a workflow: processes, information that is transmitted and people that are using this information.

Put into operation of the systems - configuration of the system according to needs and desires of the beneficiary.

System Maintenance - if the customer wishes this thing we may provide post implementation maintenance.

Accessing files and documents realize in very short time using a custom search engine developed by ELO.
Information can be accessed anywhere, anytime, even using a mobile phone. Documents can have different levels of access, depending on the department. Data flow and modification history can be viewed anytime.

Benefits of Implementing Elo System:

• Secure access to the archive
• Archiving Strategy according to the laws
• Mobility, web access to archive
• The flexibility and mobility of the access to information via smartphone and PC tablet
• User friendly design and accessibility

Scheme of electronic archiving process:

• Creating digital structure
• Scan
• Indexing
• Storage
• Create data flows
• Put into operation of the systems
• System maintenance


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