Physical archiving

Physical archiving

DOCMAN helps you with efficient management of documents in physical format, saving space by removing documents with shelf term exceeded and facility to find documents in the archive.

Complete range of services that we offer is in accordance with the law (National Archives Act No 16/1996 with subsequent amendments and instructions on archival work creators and owners of documents).

We offer:

Drawing Nomenclature Archive - working tool that puts order in setting directions for the organization of files and subsequent archiving business (inventory, selection, use, storage etc.). It is a systematic table in which exists categories of documents grouped on shelf life terms and also, labor departments.

Funding - determining membership in the Fund, archival operation for demarcation of documents belonging to a creator. The operation of determining membership in the Fund shall be made only for the units that hold more archiving funds (all documents created in an institution which didn t change ist business profile and territorial jurisdiction).

Ordering - operation of grouping documents according to chronological criteria and in special cases other criteria like: alphabetically, geographically, etc. In the same time with this operation there are eliminated clips, unwritten pages, doublets, wrong papers etc. In this way there are made files containing maximum 250-300 papers according to the law, in case of exceeding this number than will be structure in more volumes of the same file.

Binding - documents created in file bind between cardboard covers, so as to ensure complete reading of the text. Shape, size and features of the cardboard covers are agreed with the client.

Numbering - tab s file are numbered in the upper right corner with black pencil, following the end of each file to add a white tab that is written: "This file contains...tabs". This certification will be signed and dated.

Labeling - the identification elements of each file is noted on the front cover of the file and on the spine.
Inventory- the archiving operation of registration the archival units from a fund, after ordering them according to criteria of classification archives of the institution.

Selection - basic operation of archiving activity which consists in establish the value of historical documentary of archival practice units of a fund for permanent preservation of those who are part of National Archive Fund and elimination of those documents with retention period expired.


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